Berean and Amerocentric Gospel


I wrote this email to Berean tonight regarding the back cover of its Summer Catalog.  When I first saw it, I didn’t even believe it was real!  I wonder how much more I would take issue with Berean if I actually looked inside the catalog!?


I can’t help but complain about the product advertised on the back of the Summer catalog. As a Christian, I feel I have to speak up when it seems that someone is blatantly misrepresenting Christ to a vulnerable audience. In this case, Berean is potentially distributing walking billboards that misrepresent Christ on a large scale. The t-shirts advertised on the back of the catalog clearly confuse the place of God and country. They fan the ethnocentric and jingoistic flame that threatens to burn down proper boundaries between loyalty to Christ and loyalty to America. They are fuel for the fire that already burns perilously close to Christian leaders and too many of our brothers and sisters.

I know some Christians hold the opinion that this country was founded on the Word of God, but the t-shirt that uses Isaiah 53:5 to essentially imply that America is our messiah is just disturbing. It really bothers me that Berean would feature this kind of advertisement so prominently on the catalog.

Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

Steve Popenoe

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