Another Murder


In less than two months, another man murdered within sight of my front door.  Oh, Lord!  I don’t even know how to pray!  This time I almost skipped sadness and went to anger.  I’m so frustrated!  What the hell are you guys doing killing each other!  Firing bullets, spraying blood less than 100 feet from sleeping children – for what!?  I’ve felt like our neighborhood has been steadily transitioning from a relief-dominated area to more of a development mode.  With the relative peace of the last couple of years, more of us have felt encouraged to focus on the quality of life in our neighborhood, even doing more minor things like street cleaning and planning a community garden.  Maybe this effort has added another coat of rosiness to my rose-colored glasses, but I am shocked by these last two killings.  I’m dissappointed.  To have people murdering each other so close to, even right in the midst of an extraordinary density of people who, as Christ has done already, would lay down their own lives to create an alternative to the path of darkness, pain, and death they’ve chosen!

I searched for “In your mercy, Lord, hear our prayer” and found some beautiful language we can bring to the Father.

O God, who brought us to birth,
and in whose arms we die,
in our grief and shock
contain and comfort us;
embrace us with your love,
give us hope in our confusion
and faith to persevere;
through Jesus Christ.


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